History, Myths and Legends of Toledo

History, Myths and Legends of Toledo

The new publication of Don Ángel Santos Vaquero delves into the fusion that we have commented on so many times here between the myths of Toledo and history, rooted in the stones of Toledo. A publication of interest for anyone who wants to know the “Official History” that surrounds the best known legends of the city.

” Here are the legends or mysterious stories we know of Toledo…, with them we want to demonstrate that if they are not authentic History, they do sink their roots in historical and popular events, attitudes and feelings…”

Editorial Covarrubias presents this work masterfully written by the experienced pen of Ángel Santos Vaquero, Toledo Master with a doctorate in History, now retired.

The History, myths and legends of Toledo are combined in 196 pages, in an indissoluble way and demonstrating that one could not coexist without the other. “Toledo, in its origin, is pure legend”, and from this initial point, we arrive at the current situation, in which every street, every corner of the city, has a legend, a mystery, a myth…

When official history, mythology and legend flow together through the centuries, the magic of a city emerges.

This book, as stated in its introduction, “is intended to relate that series of stories, legends and myths toledanos, but not in a disjointed and unconnected way, but linking them with the historical reality that provides its basis, because every legend has a historical, social, political, religious or economic background that supports it.

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History, myths and legends of Toledo“, which we naturally recommend acquiring, reading and preserving, and as we did with the now classic “Fantasy and Reality of Toledo”, already commented on in these pages and edited by Azacanes, written by Don Ángel together with Emilio Vaquero, will soon form part of many Toledo bookshops, and of so many fans of the history of the city, its legends and the quality texts that transfer us to a deeper and more educated knowledge of the place we pass through or visit.

The book can be purchased in bookstores in the city of Toledo.