Heritage Night in Toledo 2018

Heritage Night in Toledo 2018

On Saturday 15 September 2018, on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the Group of World Heritage Cities of Spain, there will be a series of evening activities related to Culturel heritage, combined with music, gastronomy or painting.

Squares, streets, monuments, museums and public spaces in Toledo will be filled with culture and art with a wide variety of shows, performances, workshops, concerts, routes and visits.

  • ✅Escena heritage with contemporary dance shows and theatre in heritage spaces.
  • ✅Abierto Heritage. Extraordinary opening outside normal opening hours in museums, palaces, churches and public buildings.
  • ✅Vive heritage, Culturel and recreational activities in the historic centres declared World Heritage.
  • ✅Boamistura Playful Labyrinths simultaneous premiere of the film that brings together his intervention in the 15 World Heritage Cities.

PROGRAM OF ACTIVITIES (only on September 15):


From 21.00 to 24.00 h: TOLEDO: High Altitude Heritage.

Free entrance at night with artistic lighting to monumental spaces: towers, viewpoints, terraces, towers, roofs… open spaces to enjoy views with special details and panoramic photos. Puerta de Bisagra (access and ascent); San Servando Castle: gardens; Army Museum (monumental Covarrubias façade); Convent of the Holy Spirit. PP. Barefoot Carmelites (huerta-mirador); Tower of San Martín; Convent of Santa Fe (mirador); Tower and chapel of the Church of Santos Justo and Pastor; Tower of the PP. Jesuitas; Torre del Salvador; Mirador de El Valle; Ermita de la Virgen del Valle; terraza-mirador del Corralillo de San Miguel; Mirador de San Cristóbal, Cerro Virgen de Gracia; and S.I.C. Primada: ascent to the tower of the “Campana Gorda” (Passes: 21.00, 21.45, 22.30, 23.15) 20 pax/pass. (*) PREVIOUS RESERVATION essential only for access to the “Campana Gorda”.

TOLEDO: Contemporary heritage. Free guided tours led by architects on a route through the monumental complex of Toledo with access to spaces and buildings that are examples of contemporary architecture. Passes: 21.00, 21.30; 22.00; 22.30; 23.00; 23.30; 24.00 h. (3) groups of 15 pax/ pass. Duration: 1 hour 30´ (*) PREVIOUS RESERVATION required.

From 21:00 to 24:00 h.: NIGHT VISIT TO THE HOSPITAL OF SAN JUAN BAUTISTA, TAVERA OR OUTSIDE. Free nocturnal access (free) to patios and church: Greco, burial mound of Cardinal Tavera (Alonso de Berruguete), and also free guided tours inside the palace-museum and the historical pharmacy, with the following passes: 21.00h 21.45h 22.30h 23.15h. PREVIOUS BOOKING (*) necessary only for free guided tours: 30 pax. max./group. Duration: 45´

From 21:00 to 24:00 h.: NIGHT VISIT TO THE “CASA DEL TEMPLE” . Free access (free) to the old Hispano-Muslim palace, dating from the end of the 11th or beginning of the 12th century. Islamic Arch; carpentries: pair and knuckle (upper floor), and in addition, free guided tours of the interior of the house-palace, now a museum. Guided tours: Passes: 21.00h 21.30h

22.00h 22.30h 23.00h 23.30h (Small groups: 10 pax. max.) (*) PRIOR RESERVATION required only for free guided tours.

From 21.00 to 24.00 h: NIGHT VISIT TO SANTA CRUZ MUSEUM. Free access (free) to the museum spaces and historical cloisters of this old Renaissance hospital of Santa Cruz, one of the most important in Spain: popular Toledan crafts, ceramics, important repertoire of Greco, Decorative Arts… a magnificent

historic building in the heart of Toledo.

From 21.00 to 24.00 h: NIGHT VISIT TO THE MUSEUM WORKSHOP OF THE MORO. Free access (free) to one of the examples of Mudejar palaces in Toledo, today a modern museum with an interesting selection of Hispano-Muslim pieces.

From 21.00 to 24.00 h: NIGHT VISIT TO THE VISIGODA CultureL MUSEUM (CHURCH DE SAN ROMÁN). Free access (free) to one of the most enveloping and special spaces in Toledo: frescoes, colours, figures, horseshoe arches, building materials… show a unique atmosphere in Toledo.

From 21.00 to 24.00 h: NIGHT VISIT TO THE TRANSIT SINAGOGA (SEFARDI MUSEUM). Free access (free) to enjoy the famous Prayer Room at night: coffered ceilings, polychrome poly-lobed arches, plasterwork and inscriptions, the women’s gallery, pieces and objects related to the Sephardic legacy… a delight for the senses. In addition, free guided tours (Passes: 21.30h and 22.30h). (*) PREVIOUS RESERVATION essential. Duration: 40 min. 50 pax/pass.

From 21.00 to 24.00 h: NIGHT VISIT TO THE SINAGOGA OF SANTA MARÍA LA BLANCA. Free access to the interior of one of the ten synagogues in the

the same street during the Middle Ages in the Jewish quarter of Toledo.

From 21 to 24.00 h: NIGHT VISIT TO THE Monastery of San Juan de los Reyes. Free access to the cloisters and church of this emblematic monument

toledano built by the Catholic Monarchs. (Access by the Plaza de San Juan de los


CHILDREN’s WORKSHOP ON MAZAPAN ELABORATION. Imparted by the toledano Obrador San Telesforo. Time: 21.00 h Location: Low cloister (20 children maximum). (*) PREVIOUS RESERVATION essential.

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Heritage Gastronomy. The bars and restaurants in the historic centre of Toledo prepare special menus, tapas and dishes related to Toledo’s gastronomic heritage. + info at: turismo.toledo.es

21:00 h.: Michael Jackson Musical Show “I want u back”, performed by the company Musical Rock en Familia. Place: Palacio de Congresos “El Greco”. Ticket sales: www.giglon.com -Prices: Zone A: 20€, Zone B: 18€, Zone C: 15€.

FREE ACTIVITIES (free until full capacity)

20:00 h.: Magic Show. Place: Plaza del Salvador.

21.00 h: CRAFT PATRIMONIAL ROUTES. Free guided tours visiting and getting to know the heritage spaces offering live exhibitions tonight

of artisans whose reference is the city of Toledo. Textures, colours, materials,

pigments, handicraft techniques… typical of a millenary city. Timetable: 21.00 h Duration: 1 h 30´aprox. 30 pax/Ruta.

ROUTE I. Thermal complex Amador de los Ríos + Convent of Santa Clara la Real: (Patio de los Naranjos) + Convent of Santa Clara la Real (Patio del Laurel); Church of Salvador.

ROUTE II. Iglesia del Salvador; Convento de Santa Isabel de los Reyes; Conjunto Termal de Amador de los Ríos; Torreón de San Martín.

PREVIOUS BOOKING (*) From 21.00 to 24.00 h:

TOLEDO: Unknown heritage… and LIVE.

Nocturnal opening of spaces, caves and subterranean rehabilitated some of them by the Consortium of the City of Toledo, housing artists and artisans invited for the occasion, with live exhibitions, arts and crafts from Toledo.

José Antonio Villarrubia (ACUARELISTA) / Space: Mezquita del Salvador.

Mario Ortega (CERAMIST) / Space: Mezquita del Cristo de la Luz.

Antonio Portela (Ceramist. Barro) / Space: Convent of Santa Clara la

Real. Patio del Laurel. Ángel Núñez (CERAMISTA. Talavera de la Reina) /Space: Patio de la Enfermería. Santa Isabel de los Reyes Convent. (Access by Cristo de la Parra Street).

Felipe Tello (RECORDER), Convent of Santa Clara la Real. Patio de los Naranjos.

Oscar Garrido (DAMASQUINADOR) / Space: Thermal Ensemble Amador de los Ríos.

FRÁGOLA (GIFT) Showroom / Space: Torreón de San Martín (Acceso Bajada de Santa Ana).

SAN TELESFORO (Mazapán) / Space: Monastery of San Juan de los Reyes. Low cloister (Access through Plaza de San Juan de los Reyes)

From 21.00 h to 24.00 h: TOLEDO: Heritage under the stars.

Astronomical observation of the Moon, Jupiter, Saturn and Mars, with (15) telescopes such as the (15) World Heritage Cities of Spain, from: Puente de Alcántara, Cerro Virgen de Gracia, Puente de San Martín, and Mirador-terraza del Corralillo de San Miguel. Also visible will be the constellations of the summer sky: Lira, Swan, Eagle, Hercules… and clusters of stars very striking in this special Night.

(*) Reduced groups of (10) pax max. / telescope and monitor according to arrival.

21:00 h.: Concert by the Symphonic Band “Ciudad de Toledo”. Place: Patio del Alcázar de Toledo.

21:00 h.: Ensamble Cisneros. “Music for Bayeu. Location: Cathedral Cloister.

21:00 h.: Documentary screening “Boamistura Laberintos Líricos” of World Heritage Cities of Spain. Place: Centro Culturel San Marcos.

21:00 h.: Chiki Serrano. Cello. Place: Museo del Taller del Moro.

21:00 h.: Parades “Yuncler Traditions Group”. Route: Plaza Zocodover, Calle La Plata, Plaza de San Vicente, Calle Alfonso X El Sabio, Plaza del Salvador.

21:00 h.: Music in San Clemente: “Momentum Trio”. Place: Centro Culturel San Clemente (access Plaza de Padilla).

21:00 h.: Performance Galician Artistic Group Rosalía de Castro. Place: Plaza del Conde. At the end of the performance there will be a parade of bagpipers from the Plaza del Conde to the Plaza de Zocodover.

21:30 to 24:00 h: TOLEDO: Universal Canvas: “The Toledo Syndrome”

Projection under the Toledo sky, in the open air, of the documentary “El Síndrome de Toledo”, shot in 4K by RTVE with the Grupo de Ciudades Pº de la Humanidad de España on a special canvas: the monumental façade of the Renaissance Hospital of Santa Cruz. An exciting experience for this evening. Place: Façade of the Museum of Santa Cruz. Passes: 21:30, 22:30 and 23:30 hours (Free access)

21:30 h.: “Opera Monumental”. Illescas Band.Place: Plaza del Ayuntamiento.

21:30 h.: Janet Novas. Ballet. Place: Patio de San Pedro Mártir.

22:00 h.: Flamenco “World Heritage”. Recital of flamenco singing by Paco del Pozo and on guitar by Paco Vidal. Place: Patio central Patio de Bisagra.

23:00 h.: Concert “The Fatty Farmers” Place: Plaza de Zocodover.


Toledo.” Photography David Blázquez. Author: David Blázquez.

” The worn beauty of memory.” Author: Ángel Hidalgo.

Place: Centro Culturel de San Marcos.

Timetable from 11:00 to 24:00 hours.

(*) PREVIOUS BOOKING: From 12:00 noon on 10 September exclusively on the telephone numbers 925 255 946 – 925 254 030 for those activities indicated with: (*)

Provisional information subject to change, provided by Toledo City Council.

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Important: to this type of events in Toledo usually attends quite public. When this happens, it’s hard to park and get there. Here you will find some recommendations to park in Toledo, so you won’t be late.

SummaryEventoNoche del Patrimonio en Toledo 2018Lugar Toledo, Spain,Toledo,Begins on15 September, 2018Ends on15 September, 2018DescriptionOn Saturday 15 September 2018, on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the Grupo Ciudades Patrimonio de la Humanidad de España, there will be a series of nocturnal activities related to Culturel heritage, combined with music, gastronomy or painting.