XIII Toledo Book Fair 2018

XIII Toledo Book Fair 2018

The XIII edition of the Toledo Book Fair 2018 has been presented. It will be inaugurated on Saturday, May 12, in Zocodover Square. A score of booksellers and publishers will meet in this emblematic space of the city until 20 May under the slogan ‘Both worlds. Women in Literature’.

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The following is the 2018 programme of activities at the Toledo Book Fair:

*All events are held in the activity booth located in Zocodover square


12:00. Opening: Opening speech by Petra Diaz Ropero.

Prize-giving ceremony for the winners of the Poster Contest of Book Fair 2018.

13:00. Poetic Vermouth organized by Editorial Lastura.

18:00. Youth Activity “Strong Women”, by Marina Izqauierdo

19:00. Inauguration of the exhibition Mar Azabal, “Cuatro Cuentos”.

20:00. Adult oral narration session “Narrators of the Night”, by Ana Griott.


12:00. Activity and presentation around the children’s book “No tengo miedo”, by Fernando Díaz and Pilar Crespo. Organised by Described Ediciones.

13:00. Fantastic literature from the book to the Cinema. Talk colloquium of Antonio Lázaro, Alberto Santos and Javier Perea.

17:00. Female target. Screening of short films and presentation of the book “59 directors of short films”.


17:30. Presentation of the essay “Shasei introducción al Haiku”, by the poet Toledano Jaime Lorente, accompanied by the author Ruth Rodríguez and Agar Rodríguez. Organised by Lastura and Juglar.

18:15. Recital by “Grupo Poetas en Toledo”, poetry, stories and music. Organised by Editorial Ledoria.

19:00. Presentation of “Nightmare in Zocodover”, by Ricardo García Aranda.

19:30. Concert Municipal School of Music “Diego Ortiz”.

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“Half a loaf and a book”, with dramatised reading of Federico García Lorca’s speech, for the inauguration of the Fuente Vaquero library. On the initiative of the MOTHER MOTHER workshop, which will give away a bread made especially for that day and the purchase of a book, until the end of stocks.

17:30. Signature of Cesar Brandon presenting his book “The Souls of Brandon”.

18:00. Mother Mass. Chocolate decoration workshop for adults, carried out by MOTHER MASS, with inspirational reading of the book “The luck of the Hungry God” by Margarita Castro Arellano.

19:00. Presentation of the novel “Los Anticuarios”, by Carmen de Burgos “Colombine”. The act will be in charge of Enrique Sánchez Lubián and Teresa Muñoz. Organised by Described Ediciones.

20:00. Concert by Carlos Ávila.


18:00. Prize-giving ceremony for the II Toledo Contigo Micro Story Contest. Organised by: Grupo Solidaridad 365+1 and Concejalía de Cooperación.

19:00. Presentation of the book “Cuestión de Tiempo”, author Carmen Peire. Editorial Menos cuarto. Presented by Inés Sandoval, Councillor for Equality, and Sonia Asensio.

20:00. Female monologues: Amy Winwhouse.

20:00. Toledana Routes “Historical Feminine Characters in Toledo”, directed by Juan José Delgado Fernández.


18:00. Round table “Women in Literature”. Participants: Consolación González Rico, Macarena Alonso and Enrique Sánchez Lubián.

19:00. Beer tasting. Organized by BrewPub Entre calles. Number of people 25. Pre-registration

20:00. Concert


18:00. Children’s storyteller: “Tell me the same way”. Olí Ole Company, Theatre and Creation Organised by Equality Department.

19:00. Presentation of the poems “EL Caz de la avenida”, by Joaquín Copeiro. Accompanies the author Javier Mateo.

20:00 BOOM BOOM Concert, Rhythm & Blues Band and Soul.

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12:00. Child activity by Javier Caboblanco.

13:00. Mónica Gabriel and Galán. Poetry Recital. Damn Yellow Arrows.

18:00. Mother Mass. Workshop of decoration with chocolate for children, carried out by MOTHER MASS. With inspiring reading of the book Terrible Creatures by Elena Mayoral.

19:00. Presentation of the Author A.Z. Phadrig with Editorial Colon Irritable Editorial. Organized by Bolo-Bolo.

20:00. Concert by “El Patio”.


11:30. Blue Jean Book Signature.

12:00. Presentation of the book by Antonio Pérez Henares, “La canción del Bisonte” and Accompanying author Elvira Rivero.

13:00. Children’s Show of Pompas “Siete Burbujas” by Israel Muñoz.


  • Cesar Brandon: “The Souls of Brandon”
  • Blue Jeans
  • Carlos Dueñas: “Enigmas and Mysteries of Toledo
  • María Luisa González Ruiz: “The Honey of the Forest”.
  • Toni Aparicio: “The bad seed”
  • Consolación González Rico: “The life we lost”
  • Alba López Paredes: “Sabana Nandidor”
  • Jesus Losana “Acquired Commitment”
  • Julio Longobardo: “The court of scandals”.
  • Jaime García Simón: “The secret of Toledo”
  • Pepe Ramos


“Edgar’s Deer Alan Poe” by Diana Caro

“Pulse 0” by Raquel Troyano and Montse Bodas

“Energy” by Tina Olivaras

“Stalingrad” by Anyora Sanchez

“Keep counting” Beatriz Olcina

“Dancers” by Liz Lobato

“Drops” by Sergio Morcillo.

Poster designed by José Manuel Sánchez Díaz, 1st Illustration student at the Toledo School of Art.

XIII Toledo Book Fair 2018 XIII Toledo Book Fair 2018 XIII Toledo Book Fair 2018. Poster designed by José Manuel Sánchez Díaz, 1st Illustration student at the Toledo School of Art.

Press release in Toledo City Council

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