The Elf House of Toledo

The Elf House of Toledo

It’s been a while since we’ve shared a new Toledo legend. They’re not over, they’re still left. Among all those we still have to share, today we bring a text that we have always liked, published in 1892 but very probably known for quite some time in Toledo. The “elf” arrives.

The Elf House of Toledo Cave in Casa del Duende

Nobody ever saw the old witch go out during the day, nobody brought her water (there was no hurricane that dared) and nobody had ever met her in any market. The neighbors whispered her name as they fearfully commented on the blows and screams that seemed to come from the depths of the cursed house. They knew that something terrible was happening there.

One black and cold night, near two o’clock in the morning, when the last of the dark guests was leaving the house and all the door locks had been closed, leaving the old witch inside, suddenly an immense flame appeared out of nowhere, enveloping the whole building in fire. No one knows how it could have happened.

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The neighbors, terrified by the fire, came carrying buckets of water fearing that it would spread throughout the neighborhood, but they were astonished when the flames only quickly devoured the witch’s house, without jumping into the neighboring houses, listening to the terrible screams and curses that the witch pronounced from the inside, while the fire quickly consumed everything, including the witch.


The fire was extinguished only in a short time, without the intervention of any neighbor who were still looking astonished in front of the door. In a few minutes only the façade of the house, with the two columns, was left standing. The whole interior was destroyed by fire. Only someone noticed a difference: now in the columns had appeared sculpted two lamps, two lamps, which are still there.

The Elf House of Toledo Cave of the House of the Elf by Toledospain

Casa del Duende Cave, currently (

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