The Alley of the Jacintos

The Alley of the Jacintos

On the edge of the Jewish quarter of Toledo, a legend of love between the Jew Salome and a Christian knight who, once again, ends in tragedy…

An arrogant gentleman descends along the Cuesta del Bis-Bis, on a white moon, with his resplendent golden blight and embossed in his Toledan cape. Its spurs resound intensely in the humid soil over the rounded edges that make the floor of the narrow alleys shine.

Close to the Jewish quarter, and resting in an inn he takes a wine, while all those present watch the one who has just arrived. With this insult the duke is accused by nobles and plebeians, all due to his love for Salome, the Jew, who is elusive and cold and denies him her favours.

In the moonlit night, Don Diego goes to the Jewish quarter, in a narrow alley, in the white Jewish mansion with a large well forged fence and behind a wall that covered itself with hyacinths, she – and he knew it well – lived.

The Alley of the Jacintos Street of Toledo

She does not open the balcony, because she eludes and drives Don Diego away, and he wants to know why such an affront… He trembles with anger, groans with scorned love and with disdain and love looks, through the closed hyacinths, at that balcony, behind which the duke, pretended and in love observes. He hears Salome behind the lattice, laughing and singing with his family, without knowing the reason for such joy.


” The moon is fading,

the night is pure darkness;

spectra are wandering

through the dark alley.”

Don Diego makes a bunch of hyacinths, and with the knob of his dagger hits the window, which Salome does not like to open…

Suddenly, a roar explodes at the foot of that vain, and the Duke of Sandoval falls to the ground in agony, and the hyacinths whiten the red spring that with their blood is sprouting.

” When the day dawned

everyone asks who

The Duke last night killed,

Some say it was him,

others: No, that the devil was,

and others: God’s punishment.

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