Iker Jiménez and his Exhibition of the program " Cuarto Milenio" arrives in Toledo

Iker JimĂ©nez and his Exhibition of the program ” Cuarto Milenio” arrives in Toledo

This exhibition was held in January and February 2017, it is no longer available in Toledo. Cuarto Milenio exhibition in Toledo.

UPDATE: EXPANDED DATES, the exhibition will be in Toledo until 18 February 2017 Book your guided tour and the route ” Toledo Milenario” THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE HAVE ALREADY ATTENDED!

Iker Jiménez , presenter and director of the program Cuatro ” Cuarto Milenio ” , installs in Toledo the exhibition that includes numerous pieces and recreations on the enigmas and mysteries shown in the famous television program. On Friday 13 the well-known presenter will be at the ” Nights of the Mystery” , live, in the auditorium of the Palacio de Congresos ” El Greco” in Toledo.



Tickets for the ” Night of the Mystery ” on Friday 13 January are already sold out, and tickets for the exhibition, which runs from 14 January to 18 February 2017, can now be purchased through the official website.

Iker Jiménez and his Exhibition of the program" Cuarto Milenio" arrives in Toledo

Fourth Millennium Exhibition in Toledo

Installed in the annex of Santa Fe of the Museum of Santa Cruz de Toledo , the exhibition that has travelled through twelve Spanish cities and which has been enjoyed by more than 150,000 people, is a pioneering and unique experience to live the mystery, to travel through time and to feel like an explorer of other realities.

Toledo will be a city that will host a large number of new pieces never seen in previous exhibitions, so it will be worth visiting the show again if you have already visited it in another city. In addition, the environment that will host the exhibition, the Santa Fe annex of the Santa Cruz Museum, is an impressive space in itself.

Iker Jiménez has a special affinity for our city. In 2004 he made a live radio in the Church of San Pedro Mártir with hundreds of attendees, with guests from the city narrating the legends and mysteries. In his television program, more recently, he has shown great interest in various topics from Toledo.

From Friday 13 we will be telling you, many times live on Twitter and Instagram, all the news about the exhibition in Toledo.

Access to the exhibition and ” millenary” guided tour of the city

This exhibition was held in January and February 2017, it is no longer available in Toledo

We also tell you that “Toledo Spain” is the only guided tour company in Toledo that has closed an exclusive collaboration with the production company to access this exhibition, narrating inside the mysteries of the city and the elements and pieces shown in the exhibition. They tell it here.

If you are part of a group of people, a company, association, reading club, Educational Centre, etc., you can already book a private, guided tour of the exhibition + a night tour of Toledo. A unique experience!

Also for individuals who want to know Toledo in a different way, on the new route ” Toledo Milenario” and also access with a guide to the Fourth Millennium Exhibition. Click here for more information.


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