Five "secret corners" to visit in Toledo

Five “secret corners” to visit in Toledo

It is probable that if you live in Toledo for you these places are not so secret, because you have passed through them hundreds of times (or not), even without stopping to think how beautiful and mysterious our city is, and how much it hides.

I just want those who come “in passing” here to stop at five corners, away from the usual populous monuments, and get to know another Toledo.

Shed of Santo Domingo el Real.

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Penitents carrying holy figures, lights illuminating the darkness, knights grazing the wooden ceiling with the tip of their spears… Any image could come to mind when we pass through this space. They crush the high walls of the convents that surround it. It frightens the night, so dimly lit when we visit it. In company, a pleasure. In solitude, a shiver. In winter, with fog, an adventure.

2. The Jewry. Calle de las Bulas and surroundings.

Five "secret corners" to visit in Toledo

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The view of the city is only comparable to that offered by other elevated spaces: from the Alcazar Library, soon from the Cathedral tower, or from certain routes organised by the City of Toledo Consortium, which allow us to climb to other points to observe the Toledo roof as if we were flying over the city. Not everything is slopes, boulders and brick walls.

4. Santa Isabel Street.

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A good friend once asked me to take a picture of his wedding in Toledo. The photographer is not particularly good, and there are many corners. One of them is the street of Santa Isabel, looking towards the Cathedral. There we will be able to appreciate, close up, the magnificence of the tower of the Cathedral.

Five "secret corners" to visit in Toledo

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Would you like to listen to the curiosities and anecdotes of these and other monuments in Toledo?

If you visit the city, don’t miss the Toledo Routes. They are very special. More information in this web.