The Mysterious Fountain of Toledo

The Mysterious Fountain of Toledo

During the War of Independence, in 1809, we located this mysterious legend, about the mysterious fountain of Toledo located in the current “Paseo de la Rosa”, very close to the AVE train station.

Toledo was unarmed, without an army, unable to resist the French invasion that occupied its streets, its convents, its houses. It was 1809, the War of Independence had already begun, and the emboldened French soldiers subjected the population of Toledo to unjustifiable humiliations.

Such conduct, unbecoming of an educated people, motivated the antipathy among the toledanos, at the same time that it facilitated that certain neighbors were organized in guerrilla parties to try, with their skirmishes, to expel the invader. The neighborhood of San Miguel was the first to organize tricks against the imperial soldiers, and as a result of their adventures, they composed coplillas like the one below:

” Viva San Migel el Alto

with your Silver crown:

a migueleño is worth more

that everyone in the square…”

The Mysterious Fountain of Toledo Fountain of Cabrahigos, in Toledo

Not far from the Castle of San Servando, in the Barrio de Santa Bárbara, in front of what is now the station of the “AVE”, there is a beautiful fountain, which the Toledans call “Fuente de Cabrahigos”. A French “dragon” and a young woman from Toledo, who liked to alternate with the occupants, both willing to give a good account of a good snack, and after this, whatever came up.

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After a while, and after finishing the snack, the two young men are ready to hide behind the stones and the water tank of the fountain and these were when a stormy wind rose that as it passed through the branches of the nearby trees, produced mysterious and not very reassuring sounds.

Observing the fountain, the young Frenchman realized that the water was now coming out with more brio, and the wind was taking away the jets that were splashing in all directions. After a few minutes, the sound of the gale let them both hear what seemed to be a whisper, overwhelming, coming from the fountain and repeating that of…