" The Master Key"

” The Master Key”

” The greatest enigma of all time.” In “La llave maestra“, Agustín Sánchez Vidal, professor of Art History at the University of Zaragoza, discovers the deepest part of “Antigua”.

" The Master Key" “Antigua” is the name given to a hybrid city of Toledo and many others in our geography. A city that hides in the deepest inenarrables secrets that the imagination and the deep knowledge of Sánchez Vidal by the hidden thing of these attracts and traps us during the time that we take to read its more than 550 pages.

Little can be said about this fabulous “adventure” novel without discovering its secrets. The combination of legends from Toledo tradition, the succinct description of the latest technologies, the richness of the characters, the description of distant places in time and space… All this makes up an exciting novel that is essential in any modern library.

” An underground labyrinth guards the most enigmatic secret of the Universe”

” The master key,” Philip II whispers on his deathbed, clinging to a fragment of parchment covered with mysterious inscriptions. The parchment hides a secret dating back to the beginning of time, and the fragment has been discovered by Raimundo Randa, a singular agent in the king’s fearsome network of spies. But it is only one of the twelve that make up the complete message. Who owns the other eleven? What enigma do these incomprehensible signs enclose? Randa will try to answer these questions in an exciting odyssey between Christians, Jews and Muslims.

{mosgoogle}Five centuries later, the disturbing scroll is once again at the center of world history. The one who now faces the mystery is a young cryptographer, David Calderón, an expert in languages and clues. The challenge overflows all that can be predicted, for it has to deal with an unprecedented code. And he will also have to challenge the powerful interests of those who oppose the master key finally turning in its lock and giving us its secret: the heritage of Babel, the language from which the Universe comes.

La llave maestra is a fascinating novel in which Agustín Sánchez Vidal, with great narrative skill, fuses his formidable knowledge of history and the most advanced information theories: those that speak to us of a unique and universal code from which the Whole originates. A novel that will mark an era in the way science and history are approached from fiction.

Soon we will publish in these pages of Leyendasdetoledo.com an interview with the author in which we will try to discover some of the keys of this fantastic novel.

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” The greatest enigma of all time.” In “La llave maestra”, Agustín Sánchez Vidal, professor of Art History at the University of Zaragoza, discovers the depths of Antigua.

The master key

Agustín Sánchez Vidal

Price: 21 €

ISBN: 849743044

EAN: 9788496463042

Date of publication: April 2005

Format: 15 X 24 (hard cover with cover)

Pages: 568


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