Soon we will be able to visit Toledo's "Campana Gorda" again.

Soon we will be able to visit Toledo’s “Campana Gorda” again.

The Board of Communities communicates the collaboration with the City Council and the Archbishopric for the recovery of public access to the Cathedral Tower, which contains, among other treasures, the so-called “Big Bell”, which was not accessible for security reasons since 1983.

This news is from 2009. Since 2011 the Campana Gorda in Toledo is visitable. You can read more in this link:  Toledo Cathedral Gorda Bell Hours

As you know those who visit us regularly, in we have a special sensitivity for this important monument that is the Cathedral of Toledo, and very special in its hidden treasures, highlighting one of the most “enormous”, as is the Bell Gorda.


Soon we will be able to visit Toledo's "Campana Gorda" again.

It is curious that one of the largest elements of the Cathedral has been “almost” inaccessible for 26 years, and one of the most curious, because the “Campana Gorda” is one of the most well-known traditions of the city along with marzipan, swords, damascene…

Today we read in the press releases of the Junta de Comunidades de Castilla-La Mancha that the latter, in collaboration with the Town Hall and the Archbishopric, will recover public access to this fabulous viewpoint of the city, which is the Cathedral tower, and with it, access to its magnificent bell tower in which the bell of San Eugenio, better known as “Campana Gorda”, is hung and fractured.

The action of the regional government contemplates a rehabilitation of the pavements deteriorated by the passage of time. It will also make it possible to provide the interior of the tower with safety elements such as handrails on the stairs, lighting, cleaning of the walls and restoration of plaster.

Once the intervention is over, coordinated tourist visits will be established between the three institutions.

The so-called ‘campana gorda‘ was fused by Alejandro Gorgollo and placed in 1753, with Cardinal Luis Antonio de Borbón as Archbishop of Toledo. A few months after its placement was broken.

Its approximate weight is 17,500 kilos. It has a circumference of 10 metres, a height of 12 metres and is dedicated to Saint Eugene, the first bishop of Toledo. It is adorned with a cross and the bust of the Virgin of the Tabernacle.