Available the magazine "Archivo Secreto", number 5

Available the magazine “Archivo Secreto”, number 5

Available the magazine "Archivo Secreto", number 5Yesterday October 13, 2011 was presented the number 5 of the magazine “Archivo Secreto”, dedicated on this occasion to the city during the Civil War, on the 75th anniversary of the conflict. Click on “read more” to access the complete download of the publication in PDF.

The Secret File number 5 is made up of 432 pages, including more than five hundred illustrations. Of these, 70% make up the monograph on the civil war. Also included are two works related to the celebration of the IV Centenary of El Greco’s death.

Available the magazine "Archivo Secreto", number 5The index of this new delivery is made up of 24 works. These include studies on the Manchego calligrapher Pedro Díaz Morante (1565-1636) and doña Elvira Méndez de la Torre, director of the Toledo School of Teachers and the first woman councillor of Toledo City Council during the dictatorship of Primo de Rivera. Very curious is a work reproducing five hundred ways of writing the toponym “Toledo” from 1136 to the end of the 19th century. There are also studies on two singular entities from Toledo from the first third of the 20th century: the Musical Culture Association of Toledo and the Anti-Air Aggression Association of Toledo.

Secret Archives” is a biennial publication dedicated to the dissemination of research related to the documentary heritage and history of the city of Toledo. It is directed by Mariano García Ruipérez, municipal archivist, with Luis Pablo Gómez Vidales and Enrique Sánchez Lubián as coordinators. Along with them, the historian Rafael del Cerro Malagón has participated in the special pages dedicated to the civil war. The editorial production and digital treatment of the images of this copy have been carried out in the Antonio Pareja Editor studio.

The sale price of issue 5 of Archivo Secreto will be 20 euros and the edition has been funded by the City Council and the Foundation El Greco 2014.

It is necessary to emphasize the interest that the City council, through its Municipal Archive puts in the dissemination of the history of Toledo with this publication (and so many others), making available to all freely in digital format all the articles of the magazines already published (link) in the municipal Web:


Click here to download in PDF the Magazine number 5 “Archivo Secreto”

Source Toledo City Council