10 things to do in Toledo during Christmas (Updated)

10 things to do in Toledo during Christmas (Updated)

We share a list of ten activities, visits and recommendations to do in the city of Toledo during these very special dates. Updated Christmas 2023/2024.

10 things to do in Toledo during Christmas (Updated)

1. MAPAZÁPAN. Buy marzipan. Let’s go for the most typical. For the toledanos something very obvious but for those of outside that visit us these days almost of obligatory fulfillment. Leaving Toledo without one or several boxes of marzipan is forbidden, before and during Christmas. Where? We Toledans surely have our preferences, but everyone who has an opinion, does anyone cheer up? Nor should you stop trying the excellent eels marzipan (if the economy allows it)

2. GASTAR. The Christmas market in Zocodover and in the Town Hall Square. As in so many other cities in the world, Toledo also has a Christmas market installed in the square with various craft stalls and this year (2018) also in the Town Hall Square there is a lively merry-go-round, called “The Heart of Christmas”.

10 things to do in Toledo during Christmas (Updated) Toledo Christmas Market 2018

3. PATINAR. On the promenade of Sisebuto (in “la Vega” ) there is an ice rink and various activities are carried out.From 30/11/18 to 13/1/19.

4. MUSIC. Go to a concert. It’s a tradition in many cities in Europe. Music invades spaces in Toledo these dates. Recitals of Christmas carols, bands of Toledo music, the Ballet… In the programming of activities the City Council has more information about other concerts, click here to know all the Christmas program 2018/2019.

5. MOUNT BELÉN. Visit the cribs that are installed in various parts of the city. Every year, the City Council organises this competition in which many individuals, institutions and companies from the city participate, decorating their buildings with authentic works of art. Another very typical and enormous Bethlehem is the one that is installed every year in the gardens of the headquarters of Caja Rural on Avenida de la Reconquista, with (live) animals of various species.

6. CELEBRATE New Year in Zocodover, where there will be a “big New Year’s Eve farewell party. Entertained by the KRONOS Orchestra. It will be presented with cava and the 12 Lucky Grapes. At 0 o’clock fireworks from the Alcázar de Toledo.

7. FOLLOW THE LIGHT. Christmas lighting. The “awnings” of light that you will find in the street Commerce and the illumination of other points of the city endow with a special “magic” these days to the city. This year, we highlight the lighting on the two bridges, Alcántara and San Martín. ALSO THIS YEAR 2018: The 21st and 22nd of December, Christmas show of light and sound “Toledo has a star”. It will be screened three times: at 19, 20 and 21 hours. At Hinge Door.

10 things to do in Toledo during Christmas (Updated) Calle Comercio Navidad 2018. Decoration

8. CABALGATA. SSMM the Three Wise Men from the East will also pass through Toledo on the afternoon of January 5 (at 6 p.m. in 2023). In the Christmas programme there is more information. Update: check here timetables and route (in Googlemaps) of the Three Wise Men Parade 2023 in Toledo.

9. FESTEJAR. Go “to the crumbs”. Whether we like it or not, a tradition already in Toledo. This typical dish accompanied by some kind of drink is served in many parts of the city, but especially in the Barrio de Santa Teresa, where thousands of Toledados meet on 24 and 31 December. See you there?

10. WALK. And if it is accompanied, better. A guided tour, or a nocturnal route through Toledo’s secret corners will help to “lower” the excesses of Christmas. In “Toledospain.click Guides” you can make a guided tour for these special dates.

And out of this list, because it should be done all year: COLLABORATE. Donate food. What you can. In the city there are several initiatives to collect food, toys, etc..

10 things to do in Toledo during Christmas (Updated) Christmas Programme Toledo 2018

If you want to know all the activities organised by Toledo City Council, here you have the Christmas Programme 2018/2019.

What do you do in Toledo for Christmas?

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