Timelapses of Toledo by Ángel Félix

Timelapses of Toledo by Ángel Félix

Toledo Timelapses from angelfelix on Vimeo.

Ángel Félix Nieto has created some wonderful “timelapse” (thousands of consecutive photographs put on video) of Toledan theme. Click on “read more” for more information and more videos.

Ángel tells us how he has done such a magnificent work:

” To begin with, the necessary equipment is very basic: A reflex camera + tripod + intervalometer

  • In my case, I have a Canon 100D with 18-55mm and 55-250mm lenses.
  • The intervalometer is Youngnuo TC-C1.
  • Memory cards, I always carry 2 cards of 8Gb and one of 1Gb, this one of spare.
  • 2 spare batteries + 1 in the camera, as we will be taking pictures for many hours.

With the basic equipment, we can now prepare to walk through the beautiful and mysterious city of the three cultures, Toledo.

Toledo for me is the city that can best be “Timelapsear”, you look for a motive, you frame and shoot, while you wait you observe your environment and you realize that you have many more reasons for photographs, is a “never finish”.

Well, knowing that 1 second of video is 25 frames (photographs) and we want for example 10 seconds of video sequence, we know that we have to take 250 frames.

The interval between photo and photo depends on the reason, if they are clouds, with interval of 5 to 8 seconds they look good, if they are shadows, the Sun, the Moon, stars, the interval of 15 to 20 seconds, the traffic or movement of people that is very fluid, the interval can be of 1 or 2 seconds. All this can be modified later in post-production.

Once we have all our footage filmed, we will have thousands of photographs to process, it’s post-production time.

Logically, each filmed sequence is a set of sequentially numbered photographs that we keep in different folders.

I use QuickTime Pro to mount the sequence at 25 frames per second and export to MOV format video, then once we have the photos converted to video sequence, I use Adobe Premiere CS4 to produce the final video.

Both the music and the sequences we have previously prepared, we import them into Adobe Premiere, with this program we create the final assembly, synchronizing the music by adding titles and effects. Once the assembly is finished, all that’s left is to export the final video.

The video music is from movie trailers, which come in handy for these types of videos.

There is much more information at www.timelapses.es has a forum where we can learn to develop the Timelapses technique.

Whenever I have free time, I try to go to Toledo to shoot timelapses, I have even spent whole days walking through the streets of Toledo, there are many anecdotes to tell, one that is usually repeated, is that when people see the camera on the tripod, they stare at where the camera points, in the cathedral, the sequence of the one-handed clock, the camera was pointing to the sky to capture the movement of the clouds, because at a given moment, three priests arrived, looked at the camera… they looked at the sky… they looked at me… and one of them said.- This photographer is one of those bad guys, he didn’t realize he moved his camera.

Then there is the typical absent-minded person who gets into the camera frame, ruining the hours of work you’ve been waiting for.

In short, it’s a good way to discover Toledo, because every day I spend in Toledo, I discover new corners to “timelapsear”.

Another video a little shorter, but quieter http://www.vimeo.com/6912380

Toledo-timelapses.es from angelfelix on Vimeo.