The best Escape Room in Toledo and how to choose one

The best Escape Room in Toledo and how to choose one

For some years has become popular a new type of “game” which consists of locking a group of people in one or several rooms in which they will have to make a series of puzzles, solve riddles to get away before the end of a certain time available.

In Toledo, you have several possibilities to attend this new type of team game: Escape Room in Toledo.

I’m not going to stop at explaining what a “escape room “or anything similar, because if you’ve come this far, it’s that you’re looking for the ones in Toledo and we’ll make it easier for you by putting them all together. If you still have any doubts, you can always read the Wikipedia.

Next we share the ones that work in Toledo, without a specific order, so that you have in the same point all the possibilities of this city, if you like this type of games:

Locked Toledo:

A project created by Intelecteam, a Spanish company that has been designing this type of events and activities since 2015. In Toledo, they have two rooms in which to play two different games: “The secret of El Greco” and “The Listening.

Located in a very central area, on Calle Comercio. As in all these types of activities, prior reservation is required.

  • Location: Calle Comercio, 22, 2º izquierda.
  • Price: from 44 to 78 €
  • Phone: 657 284 808
  • Opinions in Tripadvisor.
  • Web:

People Escape Room Toledo

Very close to Zocodover Square, the most popular and neuralgic square in the old town, are our escape rooms. 3 rooms with different themes to get fully into the stories you like and try to get out of them before 1 hour.

People Escape Room Toledo

3 rooms to choose from with different themes and a single common goal: escape.

All our rooms are located in the heart of the old town, which the group can access without the need for cars or urban transport. In addition, in one of our facilities the group will be able to enjoy two of our escape room: El secreto del Greco and El vecino berlinés.

The Dark room, known as Las Trampas de Saw, is an escape room in Toledo with a theme of terror that will delight lovers of this genre turned into an escape room. The fiction becomes a real experience only for authentic escapists of high tension.

  • Calle Sierpe, 13
  • 45001 Toledo
  • 09:00 -14:00 / 16:00-20:00
  • Móvil / Whatsapp: 619 348 185
  • Web:

Enclave. Toledo Escape Room.

” Alice through the mirror” is the room created by Enclave. Located outside the old town of Toledo, very close to the Plaza de Toros.

  • Location: Travesía de Covarrubias, 11 (near the Plaza de Toros)
  • Prices: from 40 to 72 €
  • Phone: 674 710 286
  • Opinions in Tripadvisor.
  • Web:

Enclave Escape Room: Through the mirror

Escape The Room Toledo

Two rooms with several games in an industrial building in the Toledo Industrial Estate:

  • The survival antidote.
  • The enigma of the Third Reich.

This escape room from Toledo is one more of the activities of Nouaman Aouraghe, a Moroccan who has lived in Toledo for many years.

  • Location: Calle Río Ventalama 5. Toledo.
  • Prices: from 85 to 135 €
  • Phone: 678666470
  • Not located in Tripadvisor.
  • Web:

How to choose an escape room in Toledo?

The answer to this question depends on many factors: budget, what kind of games you like, location. In Toledo at the moment there are three options to choose from. It is advisable to consult Tripadvisor and visit their websites and social networks to know the opinion of others who have already been.

And so far the three escape room located in the city of Toledo, as you can see only one is currently in the old town of Toledo. If you come as a tourist you will have to travel to the others, although keep in mind that the distances in Toledo are not very great.

If you have been in any of these escape room in Toledo, we invite you to leave your experience in the comments, so that it will serve future attendees.

And if after escaping (or not) from your room you would like to take a guided tour of the city, don’t hesitate to book one of the mysterious routes offered by Toledo Spain, the perfect complement.