Do you want to be a patron of Ana Alcaide's new album?: LEYENDA

Do you want to be a patron of Ana Alcaide’s new album?: LEYENDA

Ana Alcaide soon presents a new album, this time inspired by legends from different places. As we’ve always liked Ana, her special music, her relationship with Toledo, and now also the new theme of her album, we can’t help but share the “crowdfunding” that she’s published to finance her new work. How about we all help Ana by sharing in our networks?


Tell about your new album the following:

LEYENDA: The Strength of the Feminine

In recent years I have been inspired by the legends of female beings in mythology and popular wisdom. Stories that speak of the feminine essence as an extension of nature itself, in all its spectrum of lights and shadows. Legend’ is about stories of women whose acts of love and courage transcended into something magical and prodigious, supernatural, and that have remained for us precisely in the form of legend to convey to us some important aspect of that feminine essence, which is ultimately common to all human beings.


The protagonists of LEYENDA are brave women, strangers, beings from another world. Women who set bridges on fire, die in fights, devour men, cut off their wings or shed their skin. Their stories speak of love and hatred, of kindness, sacrifice, attachment and desire, of timeless human passions. They are maladjusted women, beings who live between two worlds and whose archetypal histories are manifested in many cultures but with different names, forms and circumstances, which shows once again how we all share the same concerns. As a lover of the traditional, I have resorted to legend as a key to understanding all that ancestral wisdom that has been carved into the collective consciousness of peoples.

Inspired by the strength and power of all these stories I conceived LEYENDA, a very personal work that expresses all the strength of these stories under my eyes, with the artistic and technical tools I have today.


The album is made up of twelve new creations, whose lyrics are inspired by legends from Spain, Europe, and other parts of the world:

  • 1. Tlalli.
  • 3. La Ondina de Vacares.
  • 5. The Dead Woman.
  • 7. The Lamia of Kobate.
  • 9. Kari Kalas.
  • 11. Elenion
  • 12. Akelarre

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