Starting the "Secret Toledo" blog.

Starting the “Secret Toledo” blog.

From this date you will be able to follow the evolution of the project “Hidden and Secret Toledo” in these pages. Here and in Facebook we will share where we enter, what we do, some photography, videos… For now we tell you how the project is going.

A little before this summer i start a new project inspired by the city of Toledo: to access little visited spaces, look for unique objects, descend to deep caves and climb the highest terraces, photographing all of this with the aim of creating a publication.

After some debate on how to approach the project we started the first visit, a hot July day.

Someday we will be able (I hope) to talk about that special visit (that was not in Toledo). We have some unique images of that day.

sushine in Toledo

. View from a tower of the Alcázar. Library of Castilla-La Mancha

Always supported by the resources offered by the Web, we were giving shape to an extensive list of buildings to access in Toledo, also some corners (alleys, viewpoints…) and profiling the best way to access them. We saw that it would be a complex and long task.

As a presentation of the project we made a video (thanks to a good friend) in which we used some images and videos recorded in the visits we were making.

On November 1, 2011 we opened the Facebook page where we have been telling everything so far, and where we will continue to inform (we encourage you to join us). When we reach 500 we have published a second video and when we reach 1000, a person who is part of that page may accompany us to one of the visits, after a draw.


There many people (the great majority of Toledo and its province), participate, share information and tell us where we can look for that “Hidden and Secret Toledo” that we want to photograph and tell. It has been a success because in just 20 days we are already part of that page more than 530 people.

When we make a visit, we publish “live” (using mobile connections) photographs of what we are seeing.

Although the quality of these photos is not usually very good, at least allows you to see “live” spaces that are not usually shown, in many cases, or that are difficult to access. We also share some image of higher quality than those made with the mobile and other content of interest, such as 360º views, links related to the places we visit, etc..

To date, we have had access to spaces such as the Infantry Academy, the non-visitable caves of the Museo del Greco, the Library of Castilla-La Mancha in the Alcázar, the Arms Factory, unknown heritage routes and several private dwellings that very kindly open their terraces and basements to us (many thanks to the owners).

We have also appeared in various local media, such as in the interview we did in the program Hoy por Hoy Toledo in Cadena Ser and you can listen to this link.

Sometimes while we go on a visit we encounter magnificent images.

Secrets of Toledo from Valle

We’re still looking for more spaces to access in Toledo.

We’ve done nothing but begin. We are also looking for curious objects (books, furniture, decorative elements…) or unique views of the helmet. If you have something interesting to share or you know someone who can give us access to a private house, a church or a museum, write to us:

We don’t want photographs (unless they are interesting or of something that no longer exists), because our intention is to achieve our own images.

This week I can already tell you that several very interesting visits await us: the Army Museum, the Rojas Theatre or a magnificent cave in the district of San Miguel.