Navigating the Legends of Toledo, the book

Navigating the Legends of Toledo, the book

We have the immense pleasure of presenting probably the first digital book written about the city of Toledo. We have made it possible thanks to the 10 years of this Web, Again we do not depend on any publisher, any external publisher, any company or grant to make the publication of our first book. Get to know the new book about the city of Toledo by clicking on “read more”.

Update 14 February 2013:

Now you can get this book in its digital edition FREE doing some of the routes offered in

Update March 8, 2011:

News broadcast on February 20, 2011 in Castilla-La Mancha television about the presentation of the book at the Real Academia:

Update July 1, 2011: Paper book sold out in Toledo. It can only be purchased on the website indicated in this article (see “how to get the book” ), by clicking on this link.

The book “Navegando por las Leyendas de Toledo” can now be purchased at the Toledo bookstore “Hojablanca”, at Calle Martín Gamero, 6 (casco) and at the bookstore “Taiga”, Travesía González Ramírez 2 (almost corner with Avda. General Villalba) – AGOTADO.

Ten years of legends, curiosities, anecdotes, the history of the city…, has allowed us to elaborate a digital publication of more than 170 pages with the most visited legends of this Web, the articles and some additional surprise that the visitor and the good connoisseur of the city of Toledo will be grateful for. A useful guide for those who visit the city for the first time or for those who have known it for years and collect every publication launched on the city. In your hands you can have the first digital publication about the city of Toledo.

Index of the work



Part one. The Legends of Toledo The origins of the city. Toletum. Visigoths.

La Cava

Roca Tarpeya

Santa Leocadia

The Enchanted Palace of Toledo – 1

The Enchanted Palace of Toledo – 2

The Chasuble of San Ildefonso

Tulaytulah. Muslim legends.

Santa Casilda


One night in toledana

The Alfaquí

Legends of the Reconquest

The Bitter Well

La Peña del Rey MoroEl Arroyo de la Degollada

Christ of Light

Toldoth. Legends Jewish.

The Holy Child of La Guardia

The House of Chains

Legends of terror, miracles, prodigies.

Virgen de Alfileritos

Man of Palo

Hell’s Alley

The Lady with the eyes without brightness

The Confessor Devil

The double death of Don Enrique de Villena

Part Two. Articles on Toledo.

Sepharad: the Jews in Toledo, history and legend.

Witches and Sorceresses of Magical Toledo

Inquisition Toledana.

“The Kingdom of Satan in the night of Toledo.” The Devil and Toledo.

Templars in ToledoThe Legends of Toledo and the War of Independence

The Cave of Hercules“>Cave of Hercules

The Tarasca and the gigantones of Corpus.

Tourism in Toledo

What to see in Toledo. Brief guide to travel to the Imperial City.

Get out of gear. The night in Toledo.

Toledano Characters

Juanelo Turriano and his “artifice”.

El Greco secret

Don Esteban Illán

Curiosities from Toledo

What is a “bolo” ?


Curiosities of Toledo Cathedral

Nightlife: corners of terrifying legends in Toledo.

Toledo on the Web.


Bibliography used

We are probably talking about the first digital book published about the city of Toledo, about its culture, its legends…, in short a compilation of “the great successes” of this website that you can now download or “print” in Bubok.

Navigating the Legends of Toledo, the book Navigating through the Legends of Toledo, the book

Bubok is an innovative desktop publishing system. It allows to elaborate a “digital” book that later will be able to be downloaded in electronic version (PDF or eBook) or ordered to “print” as if it were a book in traditional paper, receiving it comfortably in house. The quality of the printed book is exceptional.

” Navegando por las Leyendas de Toledo” is a new publication that brings together 10 years of articles published in We have selected the most visited legends and the most interesting articles on our website. We have designed them and prepared them to be edited in printed form. As it is logical we lose photographs, multimedia, but we gain in quality, because the texts have been revised and enriched.

We greatly appreciate the prologue written by Mr. Luis Rodríguez Bausá, great author of “lo toledano” and Mr. Juan Manuel Magán García for such a magnificent epilogue, both unpublished on this website and only available in the book.

I would also like to thank Toledospain and David Cerdido for lending the magnificent photographs that accompany the texts and that appear on the front and back covers.

You can read the index of the work and some pages in this link (Bubok)

How to get the book?

You have several options to buy “Navigating the Legends of Toledo”.

  • Access this link in Bubok “Navigating the Legends of Toledo”
  • Click on the “paperback” button for the printed version with full-color covers or “ebook” if you want the digital version (PDF and ePub)
  • Payment can be made by Paypal or credit card. In the indicated Web you have more information.

Characteristics of the book:

  • Title: “Navigating the Legends of Toledo”
  • Author: Juan Luis Alonso Oliva
  • Publication date: December 2010
  • Pages: 179, color covers, inside in b/w
  • Print:
  • Link to purchase here.
  • ISBN: 978-84-9981-252-6
  • LEGAL DEPOSIT: M-53988-2010

Navigating the Legends of Toledo, the book Back Cover Navigating the Legends of Toledo, photo by Toledospain